STNTUS Bath Bombs Gift Set (12 x 86g), Handmade Natural Spa Bubble Bombs and Floating Fizzies, Relaxation and Moisturizing – Perfect Valentines Birthday Christmas Gift for Women, Kids



Product Description

bath bombsbath bombs

Slow Foaming Bombs and Fast Spinning Fizzies Are Blended Together!

Each one with 85 G (5.6 cm in diameter, lager than a golf-ball)

Pamper yourself, creating the perfect sanctum

Funny floating Bath Bombs with Fizz, bubbles! Enchanting compound aroma, all the 12 spa bombs let you bath in nature and in aromatherapy.

A product that we have created for you to de-stress, relax and help enjoy any time of your day, where you can immerse yourself in pure joy.

Therapeutic Moisturizing Bath Bombs

bath bombs gift set

bath bombs gift set

natural bath bombs

natural bath bombs

natural bath bombs

natural bath bombs

Awesome Gift for All Ages

A beautifully packaged unique set for all occasions.

Thoughtful gift for Anniversary, birthday, wedding, Christmas, Holiday, Valentines day. These bath bombs are sure to make that special day for that special one even more beautiful.

No Residue and Easily Rinsed

Free from glitters and artificial colors, your bathtub won’t be stained.

If your bathtub looks like it’s been stained, a simple rinse will do the trick. (or wipe the surface with a dab of soap or shampoo before rinsing.

Cruelty Free and Humane

We will never experiment on animals – we don’t have to because nothing toxic or harmful will ever go into our products.

Made from natural, non toxic ingredients, enjoy the benefits that essential oils provide. They are friendly for all ages!

12 bath bombs12 bath bombs

bath bomb for herbath bomb for her

12 Pure Essential Oils

Green Tea







Smell the Difference

12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs, gives you different tastes!

Each bath bombs are designed by professional perfumers which can capture your mind and heighten your senses in this magical compound fragrance.

Blend of plant spice scented with clean ‘carrier’ oil in a beautiful soft color.

Infused with naturally organic essential oils and natural extracts.

STNTUS Bath Bombs are specially designed for your bath time and get to smell smoothing aromatherapy scents.

The scent lasts even after the bath and the bomb leaves your skin silky smooth.

bath bombs for womenbath bombs for women

Soak for Minutes, Enjoy for Hours

The different kinds of bath bombs in this package will have different dissolve time, and it will be influenced by the temperature and valume of water.

They are frinedly for all ages!

Enjoy the best moisturizing baths with natural, non toxic ingredients.


12 bath bombs

Pentacle bath sponge

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❤ DREAMY & FUNNY: 9 of them create colorful bubbles like swimming in a painting, 3 of them fizz with colors like soap in a fantasy, all of them float and spin together with fragrance to make your bath time more enjoyable.
❤ FUNCTIONAL & RELAXING: Cleansing and moisturizing your skin, promoting a smooth, balanced and glowing skin. Savor a healthy kaleidoscopic bath to soak away life’s stresses. Settle in for a funny soak with an original invention, exploding with essential oils and tons of fizzy fun.
❤ FREE FROM TOXIC CHEMICALS: Enjoy the moisturizing baths with natural, non-toxic ingredients. Cruelty-free and PABA Free, free of harsh chemicals and additives. Infused with essential oils for relaxing, fresh and FDA approved fragrances.
❤ INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Individually wrapped to keep fresh and ensure their unique scents. Perfect gift ideas for party favors, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday gift, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving to delight mom, wife, girlfriend, women, men and teens as well.


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