Beeswax Wraps Set of 6 by Bee’s Trend | All Natural Food Storage | Zero Waste Cheese and Sandwich Wrappers | Washable Bowl Covers

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Bee’s Trend Wax Wraps is committed to the values of sustainability and supporting great health. Our beeswax wraps are designed for you to use in everyday life and to be worry free. They’re free of toxic chemicals and made with the natural, wholesome goodness that nature provides to us – cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. So simple, but so wonderful! Use as a firestarter or add to your compost pile when they’ve reached the end of their useful purpose.
AN ASSORTMENT OF CONVENIENT SIZES: The 6 piece pack includes – 3 Small (18 x 20 cm), 2 Medium (26 x 28 cm) and 1 Large (33 x 35 cm). These practical sizes offer you options when you have half a lemon to save, need a pocket for storing berries, wrapping a slice of pizza for lunch and covering a large bowl of leftover stew or chili. They make such wonderful food savers!
BENEFICIAL IMPROVEMENTS: If you’ve used other brands, you’re going to love how we improved beeswax wraps! Ours are less sticky so they’re free of frustration, have a wonderful scent from nature that doesn’t transfer to your food, lasts longer than the standard year and we’ll send you an instruction booklet via email with great tips and tricks!
INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE: Warm the waxed cotton cloth by rubbing gently in your hands. It is then ready to adhere to itself for wrapping a piece of fruit or vegetable or creating a food storage bag. And, it seals around dishes, including glass, ceramic, plastic and metal. Simply wash with cold water and a tiny spot of mild dish detergent and let air dry so it’s ready for you to use again.
SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT FOR YOUR HOME: Reduce or eliminate cling wraps and silicone items in your kitchen. Our honeybee wax sheets are a plastic wrap alternative and are entirely eco-friendly, reusable, compostable and biodegradable. Since they’re washable, simply reuse each day! It’s a completely waste free solution!


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